CD: Chthonic Streams MYRK013 [2003]

A Dream Of Joy In A Sleep Of Sorrow
How The Roses Burned
White Autumn
Sleep In Dead Time
Black Ice
Wrong Side Of The Glass
No World Outside
The Lathe Of Heaven
Distant Horizon
Internal Return

While not, purely, a solo project, Dream Into Dust orbits artist, Derek Rush, who has been the center of gravity for the project for some eight years now since 1997. Over that time the band’s sound has fluctuated from dark folk through blurred realms of industrialized and ambient experimentation with varied success and to a degree this discloses itself through the breadth of "The Lathe of Heaven", which is by far their most accessible album.

The album is packed with samples and as much organic instruments that proffer a sound that could be comparable, figuratively speaking to Sanctum’s foray into meshing industrial samples with pop-like folk. In such a comparison it must be said "The Lathe of Heaven" wields both successfully into a vehicle of distinctive composition. Heavy angular percussion stilts its way above the lush arrangement of strings and acoustic guitar while the glossy vocals of Derek Rush soar the soot-polluted and tumid clouds spewed up from the passing machines belabouring each track’s progress. The interpolation of mechanic with organic is accomplished with a production that is outstanding and meticulous. There is more of a memorable melodic undercurrent throughout the album, one that lends the album certain buoyancy above the dissonance and ambivalence of previous releases, but it is not a displeasing advent, especially on repeated listens when the chaotic epic of the journey beings to illume a landscape and its nooks and crannies on first pass overlooked.

The jewel-case is bedecked with Derek Rush’s own artwork, a desaturated photo montage of dark and oblique imagery that matches both mood and lyric, thoughtfully contained within an eight page booklet.


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