CD: Autarkeia 03 [2004]


A bit of a strange one this. According to my research "Vacuum" was recorded way back in 1997 by Donis who are from Lithuania. I think Lithuania once beat Scotland in a football match, not exactly difficult with our shit team, and that about sums up my knowledge of that country. So either it’s taken 7 long years for this recording to finally see the light of day, for whatever reasons, or Lithuania have an even worse postal service than we do. Answers on a postcard please to the usual address.

"Vacuum" is one long track, 60 minutes to be precise, of ambient music of the dark / space like variety. The piece is either very much like a journey into the deepest ice caverns known to man or a celestial voyage across the stars. How you would describe it depends very much on how vivid an imagination you possess. I go with both because I’m fucked up like that. What I find so amazing about "Vacuum" is in its ability to grab the attention even when there doesn’t seem to be much going on. The piece fluctuates between moments of near silence and yet still enthrals captivatingly. Strange and yet beguiling in equal measure

It may have taken 7 long years to reach these shores yet "Vacuum" remains fresh and original in its scope and vision and would appeal to even the most cynical ambient music fanatic. Give it a whirl. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


[Donis] / [Autarkeia]

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