CD: Sun Ship Records SUN53 / Apop / Carbon / Gold Soundz / Little Mafia / Nihilist [2004]

Dolores Dewberry
Fuck Like You Mean It
The Black Bomber
Eerie Sequins In Cocaine
Humid Fur (Minnehaha Remix) - Video

Origami Genitalia
Just Drugs
Mud Dunk
Pig Hole
Specific Victims
No Relief
Folk Music Of The Penis
Wind The Coil Tighter - Video

Dolores Dewberry first came to prominence with her track ‘Paragraph 64’ on the Susan Lawly "Extreme Music From Women". Very little is known about her but she did appear on stage in London 2000 as part of the EMFW event in a rather fetching underwear ensemble and she also has an ongoing web journal if you care to see what she’s currently up to.

On this split release she contributes 3 tracks of vivid EXTREME experimental noise soundscapes. Although all three are perfect examples of this type of music it will be her second track ‘The Black Bomber’ which will gain most airplay, if any radio station dares play it, and notoriety. Taking a long sample from a porn film or a faked porn film sample, damned if I could tell which, it’s a hilarious piece that’s sure to put a smile on any face who hears it. Whether this is meant to be a serious statement or just a parody only Dolores knows but it certainly works in this context of music. Who would have thought that such a racket, foul mouthed and all, could come from a bonny wee lass.

Origami Genitalia, with E W Hagstrom of Cock E.S.P as one of the players, meanwhile contribute ten tracks that delve deep into avant-garde / experimental electro-accoustic ground with semi black ambient overtones. Six of the ten tracks are fairly short in duration, from 1.15 to 1.45 minutes, which is a great pity as these tracks ‘Culture’, ‘Just Drugs‘, ‘Mud Dunk’, ‘Pig Hole’, ‘No Relief’, and ‘Inrage’ would have benefited from being expanded and developed more to fully bring out the sounds produced. A missed opportunity on their part made all the more frustrating by the delightful quality of the music that ends before it really should begin. A minor gripe and blip on an otherwise excellent collection of experimental montages which are very easy on the ear and makes for a very pleasurable listening experience.

Here’s hoping that both acts get a full release to themselves in the future to showcase their prolific talents proper ly but until then this split CD will do just fine thanks.


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