CDR: Backwards Records [2005]

10 Up The Ladder
Falze Trackz
Counter B
If Gates Could Talk
Kill Them Chickens
Sound Of The Machine
Too Dark Too Late
Twas The Day
With All These Fears
Words Against Themselves
To Behold The End

DJ Lamp is the solo project of Benjamin Thompson, one-time aspiring industrial musician and now experimental glitch noise protagonist. Released on extreme noise label Backwards Records, Final is generally not that harsh or noisy, instead focussing mostly on smooth beats, weird noises and experimentation. This EP is also Thompson's debut release for Backwards Records and precedes a full-length album entitled "The Glitch Path".

When Final does veer off into noise territory it gets very strange and experimental but it is not long before Thompson brings things back under control to return to the cool abstract glitchiness he seems most suited to. 'If Gates Could Talk' for example heads off into a confusion of experimental noise and 'Kill Them Chickens' which follows it sits somewhere between that and the slick IDM seen elsewhere on this EP. Tracks such as '10 Up the Ladder', 'Falze Trackz' and 'Too Dark Too Late' show the slicker rhythmic experimental electronic side of Thompson's music. 'Sound of the Machine' pushes things further, fusing the two extremes to create a steady melancholic beat-laden track under a crackling static haze. Taking his sound in an entirely different direction is 'Counter 8' with its head spinning maelstrom of dark swirling electronics.

Some of the tracks on this release suffer from being too chaotic and appearing to be a random mish-mash of weird noises, effects and unstructured beats ('Twas the Day' for example) but where Thompson sticks to his new experimental/glitch/IDM route the results are slicker and more enticing.


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