CDR: Bunkier Productions BVIII [2005]
Ltd x 160

Untitled #1
Blue Canary
Dancing In The Silence Of The Street
Untitled #2
Dead End
All That Remains
Stolen Youth
Vino Rosso

"Something to drink 3" is the follow up to the very limited and sadly sold out "Something to drink 2" …a pattern emerges…also on the Bunkier Productions label. Never heard "Something to drink 2" mores the pity. Being released in just 50 copies I doubt many of you will have either. Life and record labels can be cruel. Not being acquainted or knowledgeable about the group Division S I searched their website for more details. Seemed like the perfect place to start. Then again…maybe not. Cute site. Information very low on the ground. It shouldn’t have been a surprise really. Happens frustratingly far too regularly in my book.

Armed with all this extensive knowledge…irony oh the irony…I can only tell you the following: "Something to drink 3" is eleven songs about hate / love / fun / sadness done in a mixture of folk / cabaret / doo wop / and ‘pop’ music. I say ‘pop’ because some of the simple structured tunes are hum able in that ‘stick in your head’ way that the best memorable ‘pop’ records manage. The singer occasionally sounds like an up-market Nick Cave exorcised of all his demons. Sometimes he sounds like your drunken uncle you meet at family weddings and wish to disown. Did I mention the sleazy sounding Italian. He’s here as well. Along with other disparate continental comrades crossing many boundaries but belonging to none in particular. The music will make you smile. Laugh even. But you won’t know why. You’ll sigh with recognition at some of the tales of heartbreaking woe being drunkenly poured out. Then puzzle as you struggle to make the words out to others. Through it all though you’ll h ave a bloody great time. A night on the piss you enjoyed and can actually remember.

"Something to drink 3" is that type of record that awakens the realisation as to why you got into music in the first place. It playfully tugs at the heart. An emotional roller coaster of simplified genius. Music so inoffensive you could play it in front of your mother and she would approve - yet distinctive enough to be classed as different and unusual. I’ll drink to that. Make it a double by re-releasing "Something to drink 2" then I truly will be a happy little old wine drinker. Cheers.


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