CD: Mile 329 329.14 [2004]

Hypocrite and Germs
Anarchist Liveing in the Law and Order
Never Ending Trip to Hell

Sherlock Holmes was busy playing his violin when Dr Watson burst suddenly through the study doors. “Is it true Sherlock? Have you cracked the case of Dissecting Table ‘Hypocrisy”?" he asked. “Why of course my old friend” replied Sherlock. “Please tell me how when so many others have failed” queried Watson.

“It was very elementary Watson old boy. Firstly… everyone thought that the music of Dissecting Table had run its course but I knew better. Even though this was his umpteenth release I figured that Ichiro Tsuji could still produce the goods and was preparing a record that would confound his critics.” “By Jove you’re right there” Watson interrupted. Sherlock gave him one of his cold stares.

“Secondly Watson…the first track was the giveaway to Ichiro’s cunning plan. You see he’s taken a veritable kaleidoscope of musical styles and ideas and mutated and repeated them making for an experience that will leave the listener gasp in astonishment.” “What bravado and daring” sighed Watson sagely.

“Thirdly…and most importantly…he retained the Dissecting Table sound of beats and squalling sound that has become his trademark known to thousands. Therefore he hasn’t alienated old fans of his music but at the same time he’s taken the musical structure that one step further than ever before” Sherlock said with a flourish. “Damn clever chap that Ichiro” Watson exclaimed. “Yes damned clever Watson. Everyone had written Ichiro off and therefore failed to take any notice when this suddenly appeared and blew everyone away with its style and bombast”.

Watson looked lustily at Sherlock. “So Ichiro didn’t murder Miss Smythe at Grove Manor after all then?” he asked. Sherlock smiled. “No Watson he did not! But he has released a killer of a CD” he added smugly. “Now be a good boy Watson and close the door behind you. I’ve made up a special concoction of drugs. Time to get ripped to the tits again.”


[Mile 329]

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