MCD: Iris Light i-Light 031CD [2005]

Kwaidan Part 1
Kwaidan Part 3
Celebration Part 3
Bexleyheath To Dartford
London Underground

As far a sound research recordings go, it can sometimes result in the creation of albums that are so bound up with theory as to disengage with the listener’s interest. Disinformation however seem to have no such problem.

Pulsating sounds, loose loops, static shards and resonating reverberations all converge to form compositions that straddle a digitised experimental sound and dark droning atmosphere. Simply put this mini album encompasses tracks that present atmospheres ranging from urgency to tranquillity.

The droning ambient track ‘Doppelganger’ is rather interesting given that it appears to have been constructed entirely with the manipulated reverb of a single ringing piano note. Likewise later album pieces veer into a purely research recording methodology, where the subtle glitches & static noise of ‘Bexleyheath to Dartford’ and ‘London Underground’ are both tracks of unmixed magnetic-field recordings (where the location of the source material are obvious from the titles).

Although relying heavily on a clinical and digitised medium, Disinformation’s mini album is a sonically palatable and intriguing listen.


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