CD: NER BAD VC CD 48 [2004]

Black Sun Rising
You Love The Sun
Tears Of The Hunted
You Love The Sun, Dont You?
Storm On The Sea (Out Beyond Land)
You Love The Sun And The Moon
Summer Is Gone
Deeper Than Love
An Ancient Tale Is Told
Are You Out There? (Dornier 17 Mix)
Sunwheels Of Your Mind
Get Used To Saying No!
Symbols In Souls
An Ancient Tale Is Told Again
The Man Who Laughs
We're All A Little Afraid
Boyd's Gift

Initially being rather underwhelmed by this album, it was after repeated listens that its innate character revealed itself to positively grasp my attention. In a true collaborative effort.

"Alarm Agents" is primarily the merging of the apocalyptic folk of Death in June overlaid with Boyd Rice’s trademark acerbic intonations. With a couple of noisier industrial pieces thrown in for good measure and a repeated acoustic guitar melody & dialogue sample used a bridge between selected tracks, "Alarm Agents" ties together nicely. Whilst it could be said there are better releases from both, be it individually or under the guise of prior collaborations, however considering who the artists are a quality album is at least assured.

Dedicated fans are likely to have tracked this down already, but for those who haven’t, at least the ‘Death in June & Boyd Rice’ title is a clear and accurate advertisement of what you get.


[Death In June] / [Boyd Rice]

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