CD: NER BAD VC 48 [2005]

The Concrete Fountain
The Only Good Neighbor
13 Years Of Carrion
My Black Diaries
Burn Again
Punishment Initiation
We Said Destroy
Europa Rising
Death Of A Man
Rocking Horse Night
Paisson! Power!! Purge!!!
In Sacrilege
Many Enemies Bring Much Honour
Unconditional Armistice
Europa :The Gates Of Heaven And Hell

Over the duration of Death in June’s lengthy career, Douglas P has shown a penchant for releasing remixed and alternate versions of main album tracks. In part "Abandon Tracks!" continues this ethos by drawing together a collection of remixed & partially re-recorded versions, compilation contributions, tracks originally released on limited edition formats and two tracks that remained unreleased until now.

Statements from Douglas P indicated that the initial idea for this compilation originated whilst trawling through his recorded archives during the infamous legal battle with his former (and now defunct) distribution company: World Serpent Distribution. Thus to this end some of the remixed & re-recorded versions seem intent on rewriting Death in June’s history by entirely erasing the prior contributions of former allies from WSD days.

That said, the alternate versions of various songs are certainly invigorating for the Death in June completist, however of particular interest is the unreleased track, ‘The Concrete Fountain’ consisting of a beautiful sullen acoustic guitar and keyboard melody, underscored with modern, almost dance oriented drum programming. Likewise the song ‘The Only Good Neighbour’, and the difficult to find track ‘Unconditional Armistice’ make exceptionally welcomed additions to this rarities compilation. Although not forming new and current material from Douglas P, this is a worthy addition for any Death in June fan.


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