LP: Tesco Organisation 056 (2003)

Just Glittering

Everything Stops
Blue Circle
Head of Steam

"Tertium Organum" is Dieter Müh's first full-length offering since "Eponymous" on NaniNani Corp in 2002.

The LP opens with 'Enter' - a short, repetitive piece with distorted voice samples and bursts of noise. This blends straight into 'Putrefier'; loops of reverberating electronics with echoed male voice samples and rattling, spaced out effects. It reminds me a lot of their earlier material on 'Cari Saluti'. Very nice structures leading us onto 'Just Glittering ' - a noisier affair with the same spaced-out feel. Chimes and simple, repetitive drones make this a very enveloping and enchanting piece reminding me of Dual. 'Philtre' reminds me of the brooding sonics of Coil on their"Music To Play In The Dark" releases. It has that dark, celestial aspect and is very appealing with its solitary percussion. The last song on side A, 'Noumenon', is quite a dense track with slowly moving rhythm, breaking into experimental electronic samples with voices and crackling, screeching and feedback.

Side B begins with 'Everything Stops' -this is simply a gorgeous track: very repetitive guitar electronics with spaced out undercurrents and keyboards evident. Voice samples play a small role. This has the staying power of 'Relentless' on "Cari Saluti" and is an absolute must! 'Blue Circle' is a dynamic, chunky industrial track - very raw with a heavy nordic feel to it. A complete change of direction with the fantastic track 'Head of Steam'. An absolutely gorgeous track very reminiscent of Inade with its sweeping, airy drones. 'Apogee' continues along the same tracks with very low drones and selected samples - a very worthwhile listen, appealing maybe to fans of Megaptera also. 'Exit' is a short outburs which harks back to earlier Dieter Müh moments with tape samples and loops, as found in 'Enter'.

With some of the songs it is difficult to differentiate where they begin and end...but I'm hoping i've got it right! This piece shows an altogether maturer Müh - the songs are less primative and show real structure and progression. It's altogether a beautiful release and would appeal to fans of Coil, Inade, Dual etc. Ltd to 500, so get it while you can.


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