CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI146 [2005]
Ltd x 2000

Worlds apart
Still life
Secrets of the future past
The weight of the world
It's a cold trail
The love You find in hell
Stolen silence
Where I end and You begin
Freedom's captive

The latest (the number of official / compilation / tapes put out by Johan Levin as Desiderii Marginis is too long to list) and a very welcome return anyway to this musical maestro. Haven’t heard of Desiderii Marginis before? Hang your head in shame boy. Like…what the fuck have you been listening to? I shake my head in frustration sometimes.

Here’s a brief summery for you. From the frozen backwaters of Mjolby in Sweden. Although probably not strictly true but then everything appears frozen from that country. Formed in 1993. Works within the black ambient / orchestral oomph type of genres. Highly intelligent and a purveyor of the arts in general. Some of his music forms the basis of musical interpretations of other art forms and artists. His style is generally highly evocative. Never a dull moment where Johan’s concerned. The majority of his finest work can be found on the CMI label. Check out his past releases or his own website for more information if you haven‘t already done so. Time well spent on the old superhighway. Such a nice guy is he he’ll even respond to your queries or sell you some of his music. Swedes are like that. Generous to a T.

"That which is tragic and timeless" has all the hallmarks of the Desiderii Marginis so loved by many. Over the nine tracks and just under 56 minutes Johan lets rip with his full canon of musical extravaganzas. I’m not sure if extravaganzas is the word I’m looking for but it’ll have to do for now. If I think of a better one I’ll change it later. On this recording…which a mixture of sombre dark ambience with a neo classical touch and even neo folk…anything with a strummed 10 string guitar, or 8 or 6 or whatever it was he used I class as neo folk (ish)…must ask him if I can be arsed…he takes the premise of life’s journey through the past and onto the present and beyond. Exploring the inner depths and desires. Of solitude and deep thought. The triumphs and the humble failures. Where fear and joy are but a millisecond apart. A life dissected in a world continually revolving and moving on. Music with attitude. Music with feeling. The artist opening up for closer inspection. Every track a grandiose accomplishment of minimal restraint or full on bombast. Read what you will into it. Or just go with the flow and empty your mind to the reverberating sounds of peace and harmony interacting with dark finality.

The question of ‘is this latest release his best to date’ doesn’t apply here. Every Desiderii Marginis recording has so far exceeded all expectations and each is worthy in their own ways of that accolade. I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the others. The experience of listening to potent music that emotionally inspires is a wonderful gift to receive. For that I give thanks. Thanks Johan.


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