CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI131 [2004]

Forlorn II
A Failure at Liberty
From Glory to Where
In a Nameless Place
The Sweet Hereafter

Desiderii Marginis were one of the first bands on CMI that held my interest and still do. "Songs Over Ruins" back in 1997 will always be one of my very favourites.

"Strife" has a much more modern sound as one would expect. 'Forlorn II' still holds some of that original sound with searing electronics and dark drones but now with the added clanks and glitches that flourish in the dark ambient scene these days. It feels more spacey and less neoclassical. 'Blackout' contains gorgeous dark drones, clanks and bumps - I'm taken back to Inade's "Aldebaran", minus the electronic build-ups, making it a more gentle affair. 'A Failure At Liberty' is a very quiet piece with a far-off feel to it, again utilising clanking samples - this is easily comparable to labelmates Raison D'Être, as they have been compared to many a time before. 'From Glory to Where' has an Eastern/psychadelic feel to it, mostly because of the strings used. Apart from this, it's quite minimal with a constant dull beat underneath getting stronger and other strings are added to the mixture. 'In a Nameless Place' is a crackling piece of beauty. Very subtle and melancholic, it leads you off into some place else. 'Deceit' starts from a quiet place and grows into an almost threatening entity. Sinister strings, crawling percussion and a menagerie of electronic samples make this quite a heavy piece; not my favourite by a longshot. 'Nightraid' is quite minimal and very modern sounding with lots of different electronic samples including voices and panned electronics. The use of strings is fantastic here. The underlying tune of 'The Sweet Hereafter', seems to be a direct homage to Phillip Glass's "Koyaanisqatsi", here overlayered with strings and some screeching electronics...a breathtaking finale.

"Strife" is the theme of this release bringing about the melancholic demeanor, pondering "pointless destruction for no purpose"...."Nothing changes, everything is new" (DM). I can't see the conflict myself - the whole the album is a delicate pleasure to listen to. Let's hope this is a new boost for Desiderii Marginis and they continue to grow with this focused purpose in mind.


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