MCD: Fin de Siècle Media & Inhospitable Lab [2003]

Des Esseintes:



Variety Unknown
Grand Mal
...and the Machines Laughed at Mankind

Des Esseintes, aka Magnus Sundström, is probably better known for his role in the CMI camp under the persona of The Protagonist. He has also recorded as the now defunct project third EYE and runs the Fin de Siècle Media label. Diskrepant is the work of Per Åhlund who runs Inhospitable Lab.

Des Esseintes' track 'Scrying/Disclosure' features distorted electronic rhythms, electric guitar samples and Gregorian chant, reminiscent of Magnus' CMI moments. Then more metallic rhythms enter with quite a melancholic quality. Guitar 'plucking' fills the track out nicely with synthetic percussion and neoclassical strings join in. There is a really beautiful structure and a sense of progression throughout. It is definitely one of those tracks it is difficult to tire of. Overall 'Scrying/Closure' has a very Swedish feel to it, bringing forth Magnus' roots of The Protagonist. I get the feeling this will appeal to fans of Imminent or The Protagonist alike.

Diskrepant brings with him heavy and very dense rhythms and distorted voice samples in the form of 'Variety Unknown'. Verging on power electronics it is hushed by a quiet moment with voice samples. 'Grand Mal' features disjointed, harsh rhythms and feedback with distortion. Not really a song as such and only lasts 2 minutes.The final track on the EP, '...and the Machines Laughed at Mankind' makes use of looped voice samples then very harsh guitar feedback and some more disjointed rhythms - very distorted throughout. Dense rumbling noise makes way for another respite...then some really nice drones and voice samples with crackling and looped voices. This will appeal to those into harsher Ant-Zen moments or even elements of Japanese noise. As the label says "massive yet fragile" - a perfect description really.


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