2 x CD: Hau Ruck! HR!67 [2004]

Commémoration I
En Avant!
L'Alliance Eternelle
Les Armes Du Temps
La Mort Notre Alliée
Ultime Soupir
Le Doux Poison
Ma Foi Est Mon Combat

Commémoration II
Ou Tu Iras
Ma Promesse
Un Refrain Solitaire
Mon Mercenaire
Song D'un Martin D'été
Coeur De Legionnaire
De Profundis

Having appreciated the 2000 debut album, the martial/ neo-classical compositions positively captured my attention. Yet this direction was slightly modified on the 2003 sophomore album, to include more prominent vocals and up tempo ‘military pop’ elements.

Following quickly on its heals, this double CD set is not an actual new album, rather a collection of tracks consisting of earlier 7”eps, unreleased demo’s, recording session outtakes & compilation appearances. In analysis, the tracks on CD1 adheres closely to the sound the 1st album, being predominantly instrumental & built on a base of stoic martial percussion, embellished further with orchestral oriented synth melodies & piano tunes. CD2 further builds on this established base, yet given their more up-tempo structure and prominent vocals presented in the project’s native French tongue, the tracks are closer to the sound of the 2nd album.

In overview of the 2 CD’s, as much as the marching drumming elements manage to evoke a rousing atmosphere, the tracks are always tinged with timeless aesthetic & quite overtly forlorn aura. Avoiding sounding like an ad hoc collection of tracks this is a worthy document of Derniere Volonte’s material.


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