CDR: Einzeleinheit 005 [2005]

Die My Illusion

Arcane Art, Penitent, Defraktor, Veiled Allusions & The Flux Komplex. All have one thing in common. All are the brainchild of Karsten Hamre. Dense Vision Shrine funnily enough is an another to add to that list. "Die my illusion" is the fourth release as this project and the fifth release from the new Einzeleinheit record label. A label not afraid to take risks if their previous four releases are anything to go by. With "Die my illusion" they should have one of their best sellers to date. Mr Hamre has a huge following…note that the word ‘cult’ never appeared…and any release, under whatever moniker, is guaranteed to be met with rapturous delight. Let loose the dogs of war.

"Die my illusion" is one long 71 minute…or if I’m going to be precise…71 minutes and 22 seconds track, which finds Mr Hamre in black ambient mode. Or dark ambient mode. Definitely not light ambient mode that’s for sure. Starting with a rhythmic thumping sound…not unlike a piece of malfunctioning machinery…over which slow musical refrains are added along with assorted obligatory ethereal electronics the piece gradually spans outward introducing ever newer elements along the way. The back beat is discarded or lost…a more melancholy unsettling aspect taking over…only for it to reappear once more later on. A nightmare beginning or just ended? Of hopes shattered or finally realised? A well of sadness or a pool of fond memories? Loves young dream or a figure of abysmal solitude? The interpretation and outcomes are down to you alone to make. For Mr Hamre leaves these questions unanswered. Read…or listen into it what you will. The melodies may be present but this is no Penitent head

"Die my illusion" is a musical journey into the heart of darkness…twilights last gleaming…but one which any discerning music lover should take. Full of atmosphere and subdued grandeur Mr Hamre strikes gold once more. Einzeleinheit should be rightly proud to be associated with it.



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