CDR: Demiurge [2004]
Ltd x 50

Chapter VII. Falling Asleep:
1. Cold Sun
2. Dying...
3. The Birth Of Fear
Chapter VIII. Obscuration:
4. Amber Ring
5. Prayer
6. Heart Of Ice
Chapter IX. Rebirth:
7. Astral Sojourn
8. Into The Chamber Of The Golden Dome
9. Rise Of The One

Purely an idyllic instrumentation, "Obscuration", is a spiritual transmogrification of orchestration categorized into three compartments of slumber, occlusion and awakening as expressed by this one-man neoclassical act helmed by Sagroth. A short foray to be sure, broaching just above half an hour of emotive calligraphic classical music, Demiurge takes you on an opiated maze of death's pensive cataract with feet drifting western and eastern music of full orchestration, intricately harmonized and arranged with preponderance on shadowing strings and the patter of spiraling, arpeggiated pianoforte backed by mastodonic timpani. The piano is overshadowed in the last chapter with the petalling sheen of the harpsichord and slow inclusion of choral elements. One is reminded of Regard Extreme when listening to Obscuration, except with a more expansive palette of instruments.

"Obscuration" is the fourth release from the Russian band, Demiurge, the first being a cassette release followed by two CDR albums; this album released in a limited edition CDR of fifty copies in jewel case with full colour tray and album slip and printed disc surface featuring golden hues of the sun partially viewed through a magnifying glass of sacred styling.



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