CD: Nautilus NA07 [2004]

Si I - Over
Si II - Inside
Si III - Under
Si IV - Shine In
Si V - My Village Was Under The Lake Mix
Si VI - Outside

A reviewer friend of mind told me that he was so fucked off reviewing the same old black ambient shit time after time that he had started to concentrate more on writing up the covers than the actual music. I must add here that it wasn’t anyone associated with Aural Pressure. I have no friends there. They all think I’m weird and a Neo-Nazi. Which is untrue. But if ever I get in power all the Geordies, Scousers and Cockney cunts will be the first in line for the Death camps. Least I forget I had also better include the Welsh and a country beginning with the letter F…and it isn’t fucking Finland. Let it be so. Anyway I digress somewhat.

DEF, and a big smarty point to anyone out there who knows what that stands for, are another new group on an already crowded scene hoping to make an impact with their debut titled, rather imaginatively, "C". Must have been one hell of a brain storming session to come up with that one. The questions that therefore must be asked are: Do they make the grade? Do they justify my precious time writing about them? Are they original and different enough to warrant your investigation, and more importantly, your money? In my usual time honoured fashion here are the answers you require. As a group whose work ethic borders on the experimental ambient / avant-garde side to music they do in fact fill this niche nicely. So a resounding ‘Yes’ to making the grade. Whatever the fuck that is. Their music is suitably ‘far out’ but without going too overboard in the weirdness stakes. Which is a big plus. I do like my music to approach some level of cohesiveness without having the piss taken out of me. So a big ‘Yes’ as my time spent listening to DEF was actually very enjoyable and well worth revisiting in the future. But …‘No’ its not original and…‘Yes’ it is different enough to hold your attention. The mix of out of context rhythms, distorted voices, swelling noise, unforgiving drones and speckled electronic waves are varied enough to stave off boredom. There are many parts that just gell so intriguingly perfectly you forgive the pieces that you didn’t quite connect with. Goes with the territory as they say. When it does works it sucks you into a beautifully constructed void that’s inescapable yet pleasurable. Lastly… ‘Yes’ it is worth spending your money on. Dare to be different and try out something that at least has the balls to rise above the stagnant pool of ambient music clogging the scene and you’ll find it a worthwhile purchase.

My friend wouldn’t have liked the cover though. The picture of a cut through piece of marble / stone of some description leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike the music.



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