CD: Cold Meat Industry: CMI147 [2005]

Good boys go to heaven - sperm & honey
Cold winter sun
Farewell of living
By the time we sleep the deepest sleep
Do not resist
Everything I am
When my hands seek yours
With a dream & a gun

Decadence releases its third offering, though first full length with Cold Meat Industry, a panoramic passion-play of palpitations that recrystallises the pheromones they so exude for the absorbing listener.

The furnishment of love and sex and death, all sides of a coin (including the edge as third dimension), are the rubicund currents of Decadence’s lyrical and melodic content that pour through the proffering fingers of the Grecian pair, Petros Sgardelis and Ephyrosyne Papmihalopoulou whose voices give the mean of their emotive reflections. For the most part, Sgardelis bespeaks only litany, clear spoken words in counter to the sublime silk of Papmihalopoulou airs.  Small chamber orchestra surrounds the duo with alternations of lush acoustic guitar arpeggio and chordal flourishes, liquid piano delicate and filmy, with the music softening and dolorous to the senses for the most part, with the remainder corrugated ebullitions of martial orchestra that sharpen edges; the listener cannot help but be alerted.

The album is another delicious presentation from Cold Meat Industry, with an expansive twelve page booklet with liner notes and lyrics set amidst terraces of aesthetically prepared nude photography.


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