CD: Cold Spring CSR53CD [2005]
Ltd x 1000

Crushing On
8 19
Bitch On The...
Wither Sith

The XL t-shirt is jet black. The big white lettering adorning the front proclaims ‘Deadwood’ alongside a mystical rune with ‘Swedish Death Industrial’ in smaller letters underneath. On the back is an even bigger rune incorporating the numerals 666. The excellent quality of material has survived many washes whilst retaining its shape. I’ve been wearing it for weeks. A mobile promotional tool for an artist whose debut I had yet to actually hear. Which seems strange. The fact is that due to many problems with manufacturing "8 19" (…which any labels bosses reading this will have great empathy over…) was delayed. T-shirt out on time. CD not so lucky. Those are the breaks. If nothing else it built up a rising anticipation, with the appetite fully whetted, for hopefully another quality Cold Spring release.

Deadwood is a one man project dating from 2003 who had previously recorded and released a split tape under the name Deadwood Murder. Changing to the more easily digested (who knows why) name Deadwood he finally found a label willing to release his 6 track Death Power Muscle Industrial music ‘8 19’. The nth wave to enter the fray intent on atonal destruction. Deadwood to his credit takes a slightly different approach to this style of music. Not for him the blitzkrieg approach of repeating endless soulless dirges of harsh noise and fluctuating frequencies which now seem so passé and stale. Instead he is far more astute to fall into those overplayed ploys. Although utilising lumbering behemoths of grisly harsh effects he tempers the sound with quiet electronic effects reminiscent of classic distorted cold ambience and pulsing beat patterns chiselled from the rock hard distortions creating a far more atmospheric recording than was first expected. These continual changes in diver sity and pace, sometimes within the same track, greatly enhance the "8 19" experience. Added to which is the vocals which sound ominously akin to a cross between speed metal Neanderthal grunts, whispers and screams and an alien dialect. The words being totally indecipherable to the ear. The resources of the power of imagination being called upon to make your own interpretations.

You would be wrong therefore to assume that "8 19" is ‘just another boring noise recording’. The sum of its parts go so much deeper than that. The sheer inventiveness encountered in "8 19" is a refreshing change from the usual gut wrenching cacophony associated with this music. There’s a myriad of surprises to be found on "8 19" which are just waiting to be uncovered by the discernable listener.

Now when anyone asks what my t-shirt means I can honestly reply…'Deadwood’s a classic Death / Power Industrial act who’s just released a 60 minute fucking stomper of a recording called "8 19". Give it a try. You’ll be justifiably impressed'.


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