CDR: Deserted Factory DF029 [2006]
Ltd x 100

Paure che affiorano dalle tenebre..
Note fra macchine meretrici..
Le condanne dei sopravvisuti..
Dalle oscuritä..le voci chiaritrici..
Canti delle madri e nuove battaglie induztriali..

A limited 100 copy edition from the bowels of Deserted Factory, purveyors of all things dark, ambient and grind. This particular incarnation of D-Darkradioinduztrie approach the genre rather obliquely, and with a lightness of touch uncommon to most works that are classified as either “Dark” or “ambient”.

Opening with the grating, rasping electronica of 'Paure che affiorano dalle tenebre', and moving onto the ethereal 'Note fra macchine meretrici', I get the impression that these guys have decided to dispense with some of the cliches that determine a genre that by rights is supposed to be cloaked with dark, resonant tonality… not so here. D-Darkradioinduztrie draw from a completely radical inventory of sounds, digitally distorted fragments, and splintered shards of electronica suspended in open space. There are moments of almost complete silence and expansiveness, that build tension to great effect, occasionally broken by a low rumble, or a disembodied orchestra dripping with reverb. 'Le condanne dei sopravvisuti' takes a totally minimalist stance, opening with fractured slices of organ or maybe distorted piano, gradually fusing with gothic-sounding cello and choral samples, a uniquely odd, uneasy perspective, yet not sounding at all contrived. Similarly, 'Dalle oscurita..le voci chiaritrici' employs swirling orchestral and vocal samples that sit uneasily next to looped electronics. Closing track, 'Canti delle madri e nuove battaglie induztriali' utilises vocal samples combined with D-Darkradioinduztrie’s now characteristic broken electronica filaments in a gradually eroding piece that entropically spirals into a symphony of overdriven guitar.

In short, an album of mixed fortunes, at once re-writing the book on what actually defines dark ambient, whilst at the same time struggling to retain a sense of coherence. Definitely worth a listen... file under “strange but interesting”.


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