10": Eternal Soul ES-15 [2005]
Ltd x 350

The Hikimori Song - Karoshi
Trinity - Work/Consume/Die
The Middle Children Of History (G. Revell)
Gloria Mundi (J. Carpenter)
As Love Turns To Death - Parts I & II

This near thirty minute opus comes presented as a 10” vinyl and includes contribution by none other than G. Revell and J. Carpenter (see above for track notes) in a foldout cover with printed, numbered insert limited to an edition of 300 copies on black vinyl and a further 49 coloured vinyl issued to subscribers.

Becalmed mantra’s circle like a Buddhist round under lulling drones punctured by interstices of distortion and fragments of other realities, the first stage in a journey through adumbrated landscapes wreathed in atmosphere. Minimalist piano interludes caress the spoken passages of the traveler barely delineated in the dark that swirls in the brush strokes of warm and eerily languid synth forever beetling skyward, yet that resolution is never attained. Spiritual chants continue to echo and the piano takes dissonant direction mutating the lethargic landscape angular and uncertain. A barely functioning factory steams and roils caustic gas while menacing shades growl, slowly transforming their mechanical fixtures into leering visages and undulating appendages. Yet time and distance broaches that minatory claustrophobia yet there remains no resolution, only a darkly evocative rhapsody.


[Dawn and Dusk Entwined] / [Eternal Soul]

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