CDR: Twenty Hertz [2005]


Ah it seems that I have been reviewing quite a few drone music oriented releases of late, however when they are done as well as this there is certainly no cause for complaint. Although I have not come across Mr Wells before, this has little bearing on his excellently honed skills for creating fluid, yet tensile atmospherics.

With a clear and crystalline sound production it is easy to get lost within the shimming & semi metallic sounding drones that form a taut introduction to the single 22 minute track. Likewise with a solid grasp of dynamics, the technique of using sections of almost silence only serves to intensify the track’s heavier tonal sections.

With the track’s core being suitably melancholic, but steering away from being spesifically dark, David Wells has presented a fine example of where drone music can still be taken.


A fine product released on Paul Bradleys’s Twentyhertz label, this release consists of a single track, 22.41 mins. long of pure Dronescape.

There is a gentle intro into of finely manipulated tones, drones, and oscillations which blends seamlessly permitting deep meditative exploration and imagery. This is a delicate yet multilayered construction. With a sharp change in direction the listener is directed down new avenue permitting even deeper indulgence in new deamspaces. This then gives way to a slightly more involving sonic environment. Again a deep meditative sound evolves as the lower frequencies become more prominent as they penetrate the trance-like rhythms of waves crashing onto some distant forgotten shore-line.

A truly enjoyable trip.


[David Wells] / [Twenty Hertz]

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