CDR: AntiClock [2005]


Fusillades of noise tumble over digital clips that may at first think you’re listening to CD errors with the launch of Ctephin’s debut on Anticlock (you can download previous free albums in mp3 from here). In that clamour of the leading track, ‘Kenoma’ one can hear buildings disgorge their surfeit of occupants as their architectural bowels collapse in ruins. ‘Achamoth’ throbs pulsing electronics to disparate piano melody and siphoned symphony tuning before the show, except the auditorium is long since empty, only a chorus of ghosts. A digital sequence unlocks its cycle in ‘Abraxas’, crescendos of noise and carnival caparisons lead to a slaughter mill where the crowd smiles on. Sweltering ‘Ialdabaoth’ crystallizes an igneous fane to a dark entity, the demiurge in his inverted self, a towering edifice of fragmented spires consuming the landscape to feed insuperable growth. A feedback cacophony liquefies in ‘Zoe’, bubbling as it screams a perpetual freshet of noise. ‘Sabaoth’ sets the stage, a vast mechanical station capturing the motion of industry and ceaseless downpour under which strangled melody writhes without respite. Finishing the seventy minute epic, ‘Demiurge’ ghosts the last, bringing to mind sci-fi special effects of the sixties burdened by immeasurable weighted rumbling and muffled specters of industry and harmony from the previous track.

Released in a jewel case, the album features a glossy two-page sleeve, with the whole product sparse on visualization and liner notes. A tastefully printed disk face uplifts the CDR release.


[Ctephin] / [AntiClock Records]

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