CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR037 [2006]

Cracked Dome:

Eternal Winter
Android Rapist
Laying In Vomit
Plutonium Antichrist
Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike
Clock Made Of Body Parts

Ghoul Detail:

So What's It Like To Be A Drug Dealer? Vol 2
Womb Raider
Asimilator 2nd Gen
As I Take My Last Breath
Girl Had It Comin'
By Dawns Early Light
Tourniquet For The Soul

37 releases. I can't believe that Roil Noise records have hit that milestone already. They have actually surpassed this figure already because this review is running a bit late. 7 releases too late. Currently Roil Noise are up to number 44. So the beginning to this review is outdated. As introductions go the saying "must do better" springs readily to mind. At least the effort was there for all to see and read.

This 37th release is a split between Cracked Dome and the mighty Ghoul Detail. The artist recording as Cracked Dome has been around since 1995 and bases the music created as "depression through sound" and whose stated mission is to provide sounds for suicides, murders and nervous breakdowns. A fun guy to take to any party. His 6 track contribution backs up his intentions. Welcome to another purveyor of electronic extreme noise. Although he very cleverly doesn't initially show his full hand at the start. Instead he leads the lambs to slaughter by having the first track sound very dark ambient in structure. A modulating piece of electronics that is the calm before the storm. The second track moves into a bleak piece of power electronics as his mask slowly slips. By track three he is fully uncovered as a killer with a knife. There be blood on his hands and all down his
clothing as he tears the listener apart with his cold clinical noise excursions. Then he smiles. A lunatics grin as he brings things down a level. Not much mind. Just a smidgeon with a beat orientated noise piece. Then back for more aggressive power noise with a chainsaw effect taking centre stage before ending in another semi black ambient piece. Powerful stuff all round and if this is indicative of his work then all his previous releases are also worth checking out.

There should be a fanfare to this part of the review. Ghoul Detail deserves one. If you've read any of my previous Ghoul Detail reviews you'll know how highly I rate this artist. The jewel in the Roil Noise crown. His 8 tracks lived up to all expectations. Well all of mine anyway. Starting with a very sexually orientated piece, almost porno in stereo, his electronically created sounds are in a different league to everyone else. Working between dark ambience and faintly charged power electronics his music is a gorgeous experience to behold and hear. Never afraid to introduce a bit of melody here or experimental touch there he is continually evolving musically. I could lose myself for hours within his creations... and frequently do. My words will never fully convey the utter brilliance of his music so I‚m not even going to try. If you've never heard his music before then you don't know what you're missing. More fool you.

One of the greatest pleasures I've had over my time reviewing for Aural Pressure was being introduced to the music put out by the Roil Noise record label. At first I thought they wouldn't last the course... but thankfully I've been proven wrong in that respect. Everything they've put out... the good and the bad... has always been, if nothing else, an experience. Sometimes they've outdone themselves with their presentation packaging wise... and let themselves down likewise. You just never knew, or could second guess, what they would put out next... as seen with this release. It typifies their stance to bring different musical artists together on one release.. and the fact it actually works is testament enough.

My personal thanks go to Roil Noise. It's been an emotionally charged ride while it lasted.


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