CDR: Self-Release [2006]
+ Bonus 3" CDR

We're Going To Drain You
His Filthy Dick
The First Rule Of Industrial Music
Protect Me
Wall Of Sluts
Trilogy (6, 7, 8)
Save Him (From Her)
Black Space

Convict 762 Sex Scene
Protect Me 2005
Double Crossed
Masterpiece Theater
I Am Not Loveable
Blacks And Jews
Dirty Mosque

The evolution of Uncle Fred continues unabated with this latest instalment that trawls through his daily thought processes. Following on from "Stage 03" [read review here] he’s gone for a more Industrial musical feel coupled with copious amounts of sexual references. I‘m warming to this guy with every release. Here’s a fellow with a mindset not unlike my own. Tits, ass and fanny on the brain. Occasionally other subjects cross his mind but mostly its… tits, ass and fanny. Everything has a sexual connotation. Name any subject and Uncle Fred will somehow bring tits, ass and fanny into the equation. God = tits, ass and fanny. Death = tits, ass and fanny. Get the picture?

He won’t agree with that though. If memory serves me right, which on this occasion for once it does, he queried my last review so I fully expect another one from him. The facts though speak for themselves. To wit:

a: The song titles. What does ‘My filthy dick’, ‘The sexual organ separated from the soul’, ‘Wall of sluts’, ‘His filthy dick’ and ‘We’re going to drain you in more ways than one’ scream out. Tits, ass and fanny of course.

b: His lyrics. Take for example these lovely couplets "Sluts and whores and bitches, sucking his filthy dick"or "Turning guilt into sodomy, and then to love". More tits, ass and fanny.

c: His samples. On ‘We’re going to drain you in more ways than one’ there’s two bimbos talking on a sex phone line over heavy breathing and groaning. That’s all there is to the track. Tits, ass and fanny rule his head every waking hour.

All of which could be boring after a while if it wasn‘t for the music. Anyone whose ever visited or watched an XXX rated site will know that the initial excitement wears off very quickly. To hold our attention Uncle Fred goes for the hard edged assault of power electronics and Industrial rock guitar overkill which compliments the accompanying samples and distorted vocals beautifully.

Not only is the music a fine example of mayhem writ large over the ten tracks on this self released CDR but the packaging is a prime example of how to promote your music. Featuring a multi black and white collaged oversized A5 envelope of sorts he’s thrown in a wad of inserts which gives the lyrics, thought processes and instruments used on the recording. He even throws in a bonus 3" CDR of older material. Support this man now. Contact him. Buy his recordings. Tits, ass and fanny… you can’t help not liking this guy. Although the feminists amongst you might disagree. Then again. Feminists aren’t noted for their sense of humour are they?



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