CD: Sonick Sorcery SORCERY04 [2004]

Blood And Soil
Dark Reaction
Song For THe Fifth World
Spiritual Warfare

When having to use the phrase ‘new age music’ to describe a release, this would normally spell the death kneel for my interest in an album. However "Ta’wil" redeems itself in that it has clear leanings towards ritual industrial music.

With an assortment of nature based environmental recordings & tribal percussion, it’s these elements that give the ‘new age’ leanings. Thankfully such elements are kept in check & intermixed with a variety of manipulated chants, vocals, synth melodies & electronic drones. The opening track does stand apart from the others (given it contains a standard song construction with acoustic guitar), reminding me somewhat of the excellent neo-folk group Karnnos. Of the remaining five tracks, four are over the 10 minute length, allowing the darkly tribal atmospheres to slowly evolve.

Although forming a re-release of their 1997 debut, this is better then their second CD "Marches and Meditations".


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