CD: Sonick Sorcery SORCERY02 [2003]

What the spider told me
Deep within the womb of the mother part 03
Deep within the womb of the mother part 04
The hunt

It starts with a horn. A loud blaring hunting type horn. The sort of horn noise to be found on very early PTV, Laibach or even 23 Skiddoo recordings. A nice horn that needs to be heard to be appreciated. I really like a good horn I do. Then it's gone. Just like that. I was going to do a Tommy Cooper gag but, as the sad unfunny fuck's dead, I'll respect his memory and won't. Bottle, glass, glass, bottle. Sorry. Back to the horn. Replacing the horn is a swirling, throbbing, garbled electronic overload of beat driven sound and a woman's wailing. Think of a less excessive Yoko Ono to get my drift. Works for me. In fact the whole recording works for me on many levels. There's an experimentation feel, stopping well short of the Avant Garde, that gives "Marches and Meditations" its own identity. Intense and subdued. Dynamic and rhythmic. It draws you like a moth to different musical genre lights. Flitting and never settling in one place long enough to get burned. Chants and mesmerising loops are the icing on the cake of this beauty. The atmospheres it creates are stunningly realised and the pleasure factor is never diminished.

An excellent release and one that demands investigation by the more discerning readers of this site. Even without the horn I would be singing its praises from on high. Though the horn still did it for me.


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