CDR: Deserted Factory DF025 [2004]
Ltd x 200

Pratiche devote
Il soffice battesimo
Acquaforte del crivellatore
Applicazione polveri LL
Malformazioni prodotte da uno sviluppo non uniforme

Self-proclaimed morticians of ambient/noise, Corpoparassita, deliver a vicissitude of grotesqueries that mimic the contorted animatronics of film maker's, Jan Svankmajer and the Quay Brothers with a short album of little over half an hour. The Italian duo cluster successions of poses about the crypt with its reposed audience relaxing catafalque-style, playing out for them twisted tales to bring grins all round.

Angular nursery chimes marionette to the coils of crackling whispered vocal loops dogged by the shadows of synthesizer that drop into pits that pull at your gut. The sounds are cycled through ancient transistors, vacillating stations not available on the natural bandwidth, torture chambers writhe with sobbing amidst the churning of sinister noise. Digital murrain smothers the airwaves, oscillating 'tween the shadow play of architectural corpses, their ruinous feet shambling with activity, something is breathing in the lees of concrete buttresses, ululating inhuman cries.

A limited hand-numbered edition from Japanese label, Deserted Factory, pressed with bleak monochromatic post-medieval etchings of witches and corpses strung to poles swarmed by ravens. The disc is professionally coated with artwork to match.


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