CD: Crunch Pod Media 40 [2005]
Ltd x 500

An Exercise in Reverberation
Manhattan State of Mind
A Manhattan Mindless State
Reflections and Recapitulation
Dreaming in Stereo
A Quiet Interlude
Scraping the Cavity
Recycled Lives
An Exercise in Reversal / Final Release

Conure a.k.a Mark Wilson, who has previously recorded as part of outfits Imperial Floral Assault and 15 Degrees Below Zer’ has his first full-length outing here with this solo project - "49 minutes", a composition in eleven parts.

For the greater part of this C.D, subtly is the key, with static, reversed and on occasion rhythmical noises sounding somewhat ominous, a creepy feeling that there’s something waiting in the wind …it rarely surfaces but keeps you waiting wanting to know more until on the tracks:

'An exercise in reverberation'. What sounds like a huge leaded weight safe being dropped from a height by some bank robbers over and over again rips right through your ear drum. As it collapses to the floor, repetitively every few seconds, the pounding sound gets more fragmented every time, mutating into a series of sonic glitches and then epic explosions that are so immensely powerful that they can be heard for miles;

and 'Scraping the cavity'…. Hurricane winds soar along some hydraulic pipes, scraping along the shiny metallic surface like finger nails down a blackboard. Then out of no where, American hip-hop voices come in from every angle in a mesmerising sequence which confuses the listener leaving them somewhat unsettled.


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