CD: Eibon Records Con055 [2005]

The Means to an End
The Survival of It All
Hatred of Humans
The Machine
My Struggle
Line to the Slaughter
Wait to Die

Fifth official album for Control is again a showcase of the belligerent single mindedness of solo member Thomas Garrison’s approach to the power electronics genre - and by belligerent I mean that as the best of compliments.

Whilst the basic formula has not drastically altered, the fact remains it is the aural dynamics & crystalline production is what turns Control’s style from good to great. To describe the formula for the uninitiated: Control presents an immensely raw sonic aesthetic constructed through droning loops, mechanised rhythmic patterns, savage noise and manically screamed/ distortion obliterated vocals. But far from being a chaotic mess, the meticulously constructed compositions are built layer upon layer to eviscerate any set of unsuspecting speakers that dare play this too loud. Topically Control have not altered there tactics either, as evidenced through the track titles: ‘Hatred of Humans’, ‘Line to the Slaughter’ and ‘Wait to Die’.

Given there is a limit to how much power electronics you can take in one sitting, cleverly many of these album tracks commence with relatively subtle droning textures to lull the listener into a false sense of security before quickly elevating into an all out sonic maelstrom, unrelenting in is sheer force and brutality.

With the steadfast focus that Control has continued to display, a more than suitable axiom would be: when it ‘aint broke don’t fix it.


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