CD: SSSM 106 [2005]

The dejected time the tasty black coffee go ahead with
The electronic circuit which is played back in the trash box
Rewound reality
Time is necessary to repair this machine.
An electric wave between the foreign countries.
Milk and sugar and those re-discovery
The line which has been connected somewhere
A walk with you
And as for the dream which you see....

Contagious Orgasm from Japan have been around for what seems like an eternity. Actually they released their first piece of music way back in 1987. Since then they have maintained a steady and impressive body of fucked up avant-garde soundwork and have released past collaborations with Bad Sector, Guilty Connector, R.H.Yau and MSBR /Telepherique and Telepherique once more. Speaking of which. Telepherique from Germany aren’t newbies either having first appeared in 1989 and, like Contagious Orgasm, have released a multitude of music on various labels. "Crosses Deeply" marks their second collaboration (not counting the MSBR/Telepherique release "Contact #1"), and ‘pleasant surprise’ are the words that spring to mind.

Contagious Orgasm on their own have been responsible for destroying the sanity of anyone unwary enough to cross their path. Screwing with peoples minds appeared to be the number one agenda and to this end success was guaranteed. Thankfully "Crosses Deeply", which comes housed in a nice collage effect digi-pak, doesn’t stray too far into the paths of lunacy, the thin line being crossed only occasionally, and can best be described as an experimental walk down electronica avenue. The pieces that work best over the ten tracks are those that touch on the more accessible ambient / electronic side of music. ‘The dejected time - the tasty black coffee go ahead with’, ‘Happiness‘, ‘Rewound Reality’, ‘Time is necessary to repair this machine’ & ‘And as for the dream which you see’ all fall under this description and have a suitably restrained and melodic lounge lizard feel to them. The other five tracks delve into the murkier waters of Japanese eccentricities and German experimental electronic music circa 1975 - 1982. That said at least the tracks have a certain cohesiveness and quaintness to them which stops them from becoming totally unbearable to listen to.

The only real problem with "Crosses Deeply" is that it will only appeal to fans of bizarre music, which I personally find enjoyable at times, and of the artists involved which is a great pity. If they could have curbed their avant-garde tendencies, toned them down a fraction, then their music would find a much wider audience. Mind you I don’t think that Contagious Orgasm + Telepherique will give a flying fuck either way and will happily keep taking their walks on the wild side. Whether you join them or not is up to you.


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