CD: SSSM 107 [2005]

Plot reminder
Alone again
Plunder control
The stench of lies
Fairy tale
Touch me
And alone...
It becomes convenient
Orange future
The stairway continues

The master of disorientating disaster returns for another crack at wiping out the brain cells with this split release with Zyrtax. A convention full of psychiatrists would have a field day trying to analyse what makes this artist tick. He’s a walking breathing conundrum. On the one hand some of the music on "DNA Loops" is accessible and acceptable with hints of a tune here and there. By the same turn other pieces just beggar belief as they smash head long into an avant-garde concrete quagmire. Sigmund Freud could have written a huge thesis on Contagious Orgasm’s work and still be none the wiser as to how his mind works.

Having been around the music scene for nearly 20 years, time has not calmed down Contagious Orgasm’s excesses. Growing old disgracefully and proud of the badge of indolence worn proudly on the chest. This mailed collaboration is very much in the same vein as the "Crosses Deeply" release with Telepherique. Clicks and cuts, repeated samples, controlled rhythmic dynamics, touches of noise frequencies, speeded up / slowed down tempos, distorted electronics, fucked up voices, cut and paste sounds and adventurous sound sculptures all make an appearance. Some very welcome. Some akin to a visit by the Jehovah’s Witnesses to your house. Over the fourteen tracks of "DNA Loops" there is a monolithic musical experience just waiting to be discovered. Taking a random letter from the dictionary…in this case ‘C’…the following sums up the music adequately: Confusing, childish, challenging, contradictory, convoluted, commendable, calamitous, changeable, coherent.

The upshot is that "DNA Loops" is very much an acquired taste. The sheer experimental nature of the recording can make for really heavy going. There were times when I groaned inwardly as the artists attempted to test my perseverance to the max as they played around manipulating the sounds before reassembling some form of balance to the recording. Intricate musical patterns mixing it up with dumb enthusiasm for intolerance ahoy. If you have a backbone made of sterner stuff then there’s plenty to love about "DNA Loops". Others may find it appealing as a Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet. Watchtower alert. Watchtower alert.


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