CDR: Einzeleinheit 002 [2005]

Kryptozoologie Part 1
Kryptozoologie Part 2
Kryptozoologie Part 3
Kryptozoologie Part 4
Kryptozoologie Part 5

Being the second release on this relatively new German label, and the second release for Compest, “Kryptozoologie” showcases a rather interesting electronic project at work.

Without adhering to strict stylistic formulas the can be so prevalent in certain aspects of electronic music, the music served up here broadly spans the ethnic and tribal, and the ambient & industrial. Although quite composed and structured the music in most part is slow paced, thus gradually unfolding as relaxed soundscapes. Likewise the more sequenced elements of the album act as a clear deterrent to the atmosphere veering towards a more generic dark ambient sound. 'Kryptozoologie Part 3' is a particularly good example of this where the choppy programming drives along a sampled harp melody, with mild industrial undercurrent. 'Kryptozoologie Part 5' is another decent track worthy of an individual mention, which consists of Compest’s tribal industrial take on a brooding neo-classical style.

At 45 minutes this by no means attempts to stretch the capacity limits of the CD format, however the album is actually stronger for it. The 5 tracks span between 5 and 12 minutes in total, showcasing well formed ideas that don’t outstay their welcome. By avoiding some typical genre trappings and by merging spheres of influence, Compest have created an album that is a refreshing listen for these occasionally jaded ears.



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