3" MCDR: War Office Propaganda WOP07 [2005]
Ltd x 100

Cold Fusion




The War Office Propaganda record label, although a relatively fledgling enterprise, just keeps churning out some of the best music within the Military Industrial / Dark Ambient / Neo-Folk genres that you’ll ever encounter. Those of us privileged to have heard their output have become total converts to their cause and greet every release with a mixture of anticipation and elation. I have no qualms about mega praising them on high and now here’s one more reason to draw this damn fine label to your attention.

Cold Fusion, whose music just keeps increasing in maturity and whose previous works you’ll find reviewed elsewhere on this site, and Rukkanor, who released the totally exquisite and beautiful "Requiem for K-141 KYPCK" which just gets better with every listen, have released this split 2-track 3" MCDR dedicated to those civilians who lost their lives during WW2 to the V-1 + V-2 death weapons. Known as the flying buzz bomb the V-1 terrorised London and the surrounding countryside whilst the V-2 was the prototype to all rocket propelled warfare we know today.

The Cold Fusion track, 'V-1', is a suitably impressive martial drummed thumper with accompanying stirring melodic tune and German spoken samples which is a reflection of this artists work and how he combines all these elements elegantly and to great effect. The Rukkanor track, 'V-2', takes a more slowed down approach with the drum pattern more sombre and the haunting strings adding just the right amount of deference to the subject matter.

Although clocking in at only 14+ minutes this recording by both artists / groups is a wonderful example of Military Industrial as it should be heard and played today. I suppose that if I was to pick a fault with this release it would be that I would have liked a couple more tracks each from Cold Fusion / Rukkanor but that’s just greed on my part for wanting to hear more of their music. Apart from that selfish aspect "Wunderwaffe" is a faultless release w ith a price to match


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