CDR: War Office Propaganda WOP10 [2004]
Ltd x 200

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Never have regrets. The worst thing is reminiscing about what might have been and wasn’t to be. Don’t like your job? Leave it. Get another. Hate where you live? Move somewhere else. In a loveless and sexually frustrating relationship? Dump the bitch and find someone with the same sexual appetite and excesses as yourself. Think your music collection is an embarrassment? Sell or give away the crap and start collecting something else. Really it’s that easy. No regrets see. I don’t have them but only because I changed directions as the situation demanded. My job, where I live, my wife and my record collection all give me great personal satisfaction. Some slightly more than others but I can live with that.

Take this latest recording by Cold Fusion for example. No-one else in my household likes it. Fuck ’em. I don’t care. After the success of Matstho’s first recording "Elisabeth Bukez" comes the long awaited second full CDr release "Report" on the ever dependable War Office Propaganda label from Poland. Like all WOP releases this is very limited to only 200 copies worldwide. Seek and ye shall find pilgrim.

Like "Elisabeth Bukez" the music on "Report" varies greatly in different musical styles. There’s a far more martial aspect to the music than previously heard where strident drum patterns are pushed forward into the limelight and sweeping orchestral vistas are the name of the game. Augmenting these pieces are a variety of samples culled from old news reels and other mediums complimenting the military themes. But it’s not all fog of war and death or glory. There are also detours into more experimental areas where sounds bubble and boil and shards of cutting noise thrust forcing inward and outward. Least I forget there’s also the customary melodies, some piano led, that creep up unawares and sends the head spinning with their cheeky audacity. A great big smorgasbord to suit all tastes.

"Report", I’m please to announce, is a big step forward in the right direction musically for this up and coming talented artist and record label proprietor and one that warrants serious investigation. I had no regrets adding this to my collection. Neither will you.


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