CD: Steinklang SKD07 [2006]
Ltd x 1000

Never Go Back
The Captive Dreamer
The Struggle For Survive
To The Bitter End
Deliverance Day
Dear Fatherland Rest Quietly
While Carthago Burns

I’ve been following the blossoming career of Marcin Bachtiak (Cold Fusion) ever since his debut release appeared way back in 2002. All the Cold Fusion releases, including the split releases and most of the tracks on compilations, I’ve listened to and a bludgeoning respect for him has steadily grown. I’ve seen him grow and mature musically to where now every release generated by him is something of an event to be savoured. A kind of guilty pleasure if you will with the thoughts turning to where he’ll venture next. Well here is the answer. Written large upon the wall. In huge neon letters. NEO MARTIAL CLASSICAL. But you know something. I kind of suspected that. And I for one aren’t complaining one iota.

Released on the Steinklang Distribution label (which slightly threw me as I would have assumed it would have appeared on his own War Office Propaganda label) and enclosed in a textured digi-pack and limited to 1000 copies "Occupatria" is the pinnacle of an already impressive career. Although not that different from his previous works there’s something special at work here. The ten tracks set out to describe the feelings through music of an occupied town / city / country where freedom is at a premium and the will of the people is slowly destroyed by the occupier. Its applicable to time frame but mainly concerns the German occupations of WW1 & WW2. Marcin brings these turbulent times to life through the grandiose style of classical composing and bombastic martial stomps and additional choral styled passages and a smarting of quietly unsettling samples. The drums, like the Panzers, roll relentlessly whilst the sombre tones of a populous displaced are enacted through the highly afflicting orchestrations. Bombs drop to the tune of machine gun nests throwing out hot lead and still the beat plays on. As the music fluctuates between solace and despair to the euphoria of ultimate release, be it death or freedom, we listen and can only gives thanks never to be placed in such horrific circumstances.

How do I compare thee "Occupatria" to others similar themed releases. For thou art similar to so many whose names have gone down in the annals of musical history. I shall not. For you stand on your own feet, in your own right, as a piece of turbulent emotional themed music that surpassed all expectations. Neo Martial Classical may be your name and you are truly worthy of it. If only others could see you the way that I do then I would be happy. For "Occupatria" is a mature and authoritative work that demands a wider audience who would appreciate what you’ve set out to achieve with such aplomb and grace.


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