CDR: Beast Of Prey / Cold Fusion [2003]

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Strange but true. Matstho records under the name Cold Fusion. He is Polish but whether this is his forename or surname I don’t know. I always thought that most Polish surnames had a load of Z’s and Y’s and W’s in there somewhere. Great for Scrabble players. Anyway this is the first recording by Cold Fusion. After this Matstho went and formed the War Office Propaganda label of which I hold in very high esteem. True. Also true is that Elisabeth Bukez is a real person. In fact she has some connection with Matstho that I can’t determine. Lover? Friend? Musician? He must like her in some respect to name a recording after her. What a nice guy. I wish someone would name a recording after me. I don’t know if ‘Cunt’ would be acceptable in this day and age of political correctness.

With this 10 track, very black coated CDr Matstho explores the beat & noise driven Industrial style of music with very slight militaristic and black ambient undertones. It’s not as harsh in the style of artists found on the Ant Zen label but takes a more mellow and tuneful approach with some neat melodic touches here and there. As debuts go this is quite a find as all the tracks manage to hold and sustain the interest without the listener seeking out the FFW button on their players. There are the occasional forays into the realms of power noise where the blasts of sound detract slightly from the overall dynamics of the rhythmic patterns being belted out but put that down to personal preference and isn’t a major criticism.

When this recording finished it left me wanting to investigate further the music of Matstho which shows that although not the greatest recording ever created "Elisabeth Bukez" had at least opened up my enthusiasm for this project. Elisabeth must be rightly proud as punch to have her name associated with it.


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