CD: Sun Ship Records SUN43 / Roggbif [2004]

Cock E.S.P. + Appliancide:
Where's The Beef?
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Is That Your Final Answer?
Can't We All Just Get Along?
What's Your Sign?
Who's Your Daddy?
Dude, Where's My Car?
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Do You Want Fries With That?
Are You Asking For Trouble?

Waffelpung + Waffelpung:
STD With DIY Spirit

Its Cock E.S.P week at Aural Pressure…and I doubt you’ll ever see that written again for a long time. Having contributed wholly or in part to the "We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera" [read here] and the Dolores Dewberry / Origami Genitalia [read here] releases the new wreakers of civilisation return with a collaboration with Appliancide, who themselves are an offshoot of Unconditional Loathing, in a split recording with Waffelpung.

The first ten tracks feature our Cock friends and Appliancide in a quick hit and run style of noise and experimental sonic manipulation where samples and voices are spliced, diced and looped over a nightmarish squawking soundtrack suitable for the times we live. Throw in the odd quiet passage, to offset the general mayhem, and you end up with a suitably deranged set list of songs that screams WEIRDOS in huge capital letters. Mind you they say that when ‘the going gets weird the weird turn pro’ and Cock E.S.P are the leaders in the field when it comes to all things non nor mal.

Waffelpung + Waffelpung, or just plain Waffelpung, meanwhile have just the one 16 minute track to showcase their experimental credentials and boy do they grab this chance by the balls. They throw everything, bar the baby and the bathwater, into their effort mixing it up left, right and centre. Piano tinkling, odd bloops, machine hum, noise, scratches and rasps, molten textures and tons more are thrown around with gay abandon. If Jackson Pollock had been a musician instead of a painter he would have sounded like Waffelpung . Everything splattered around seemingly randomly but with a greater purpose that only the few will be able to conceive. And this is the crux of the matter.

All these artists appearing here work within the noise / avant-garde / experimental musical genres, sometimes all at the same time, and it all comes down to personal choice and taste as to whether you will gain anything from this work. It can be a real slog and test of endurance but perseverance eventually pays dividends if you can stay the course.


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