CDR: Isolated Society IS003 [2003]


When I was a child I used to throw cats off the top storey of the skyscraper where I lived. The noise they made as they plummeted to their demise sounded sweet to my ears. Almost like a fading banshee. I soon stopped this hobby when I discovered cats didn’t really have nine lives. Plus the fact people started getting suspicious at all the cat entrails laying on the ground. I mention this because Coagulo are Spanish and they, the Spanish, also enjoy throwing animals off tall buildings. Well in certain parts of Spain they do. Empathy with another nation. Way to go.

"Condenados a Perecer" is a CDr release from Coagulo that actually exceeded all my expectations. When I read that the music was a mixture of Neo Classical, Martial Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Industrial I initially thought the worst. Get the mix right and you’re onto a winner. Get the mix wrong and I’ll gladly rip the shit out of it. Luckily for Coagulo they’ve hit all the right buttons and created a well crafted recording that is nigh on faultless. Every one of the five tracks shines with a professional attention to detail to ensure all the genres mentioned gel into one complete whole enlivening the senses. Nice one Spanish dudes.

You’ll also be pleased to note that no donkeys or chickens were injured whilst writing this review


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