2 x CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-15 [2005]

Off Time
Strayed Time
Spacefault And Timewarp

Time Off

"The Onset of time" is a double CD release which will eventually see the light of day through the Abgurd record label sometime in 2006 in very limited quantities and with very unusual packaging. Or so I’m reliably lead to believe. After promising not to review a pre-release again, after the Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester "BRAKEhead" review [read here], this turns up demanding attention. The difference here being that only the packaging is missing with the cds being the full product.

Closing the Eternity is the act by which the artist 121...don’t ask…records under. He has had a couple of releases put out on the Fight Muzik record label but the majority of his work remains unreleased. 121 is also part of the Velehentor project… or he could be Velehentor… it gets very confusing. Give the man his dues though. He at least has a mission statement of sorts which states that "The main creative purpose of Closing the Eternity is derivation of listener from all concretics and ordinariness of life". Whatever that all means.

Apart from trying to figure out what the hell ‘concretics’ is all about the music of Closing the Eternity is much easier to explain. The first CD has three tracks titled ‘Off time’, ‘Strayed time’ and ‘Spacefault and Timewarp’ with a total running time of just over 30 minutes. Within those precious minutes Closing the Eternity throw up a heady brew of taunt spacey drones mingling with the darkest of ambience. Pitch black resonance’s, that almost speak to the listener in strange tongues, with an aggressive over touch. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating into space where the cold void of nothing will be our companion for the whole of the journey. Suitably foreboding music for ventures into the unknown.

The second CD has the one sub 80 minute track titled ‘Time off’ and is a low end drone, and I mean very low end, where the music quietly rumbles on sub bass frequencies which are barely audible. Although very calming in structure there’s a feeling of queasy terror waiting to be unleashed but which never makes an appearance. This ranks as one of the strangest pieces of non music I’ve heard in a good few years.

Drone fans…and there’s plenty of them out there…will be over the moon with this release. It will appeal to their ‘we’re different from you’ type of attitude. Dark ambient followers will also deem it a suitably impressive piece of work. When and how you can track down a copy I honestly can‘t tell you. I wouldn’t mind hearing any of Closing the Eternity’s unreleased work though if "The onset of time" is indicative of his concretics work.


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