CD: Indiestate Distribution [2006]
Ltd x 500

Radiophare III
Radiophare II
Another ELF-VLF
Radiophare I
Fantasy In Radio Minor

The use of multi-media on CD releases hasn’t fully been explored / exploited as it should have. After all people don’t just play music on their CD only players. Many use their computers / DVD players / games consoles to listen to music…so why so few artists have embraced the possibilities of multi-media within a recording is a mystery. After all the visual aspects not only adds to the enjoyment of the release but also gives the artists a freedom to fully express themselves and their ideas. Clausthome have embraced the multi-media concept and shown, how in the right hands, it can achieve pretty damn amazing results. Perhaps other artists should take notes for future reference. This dynamic Latvian group (an offshoot of Claustrum) are to be applauded for their endeavours in mixing the visual and audio aspects all within the same recording.

Up for discussion first is the nine audio tracks which, as the title implies, deals with radio signals & waves and other data retrieved by various sources and puts those found sounds into a spatial / experimental ambience release. Clocking in at just under one hour these sounds were collected over a period of two years then tempered, altered, manipulated and processed to form the music. Additional voice samples were then added where required to make a recording that holds the listener in rapt attention. Sometimes the music goes all bleepy bloopy with the effects going off in all trajectories and then they’ll turn a different piece into an almost beat driven direction where all the sounds seem to converge together. To their credit they never follow a set pattern allowing the sounds the freedom to form and flow. Working within the same framework as acts like SETI, Bad Sector, Dark Factory, Clock DVA, Lustmord, Arecibo to name but a few the sound sources open the gateways to another world where the universe itself comes under the spotlight. The cosmos brought into the living area but mixed with earth bound influences to produce intelligent awareness that we, as humans, are not alone. The barriers to unknown frontiers slowly collapsing. The search for other life forms an ongoing experiment into the unknown.

The three videos that accompany the recording, 'Spectral colors of noise', 'Radiophare - RT32' and 'Untitled radio', compliment the recording by use of images showing flashing strobes, rhythmic wave patterns, random colours impregnating the screen, pictures of planets and telescopes and other visual delights all set to further music and samples. Reminding me, for some peculiar reason, of the types of film that the Old Grey Whistle Test television programme of years gone were famous for. The eyes struggling to take in the abundance of visuals assaulting the eyes. Very unusual and frantic but no less fascinating and a perfect partner for the music only side of the release. "Radiophare (lampe d’ambiance)" cannot be faulted. The music is thoroughly thought provoking, full of technological ingenuity, and the videos a work of art within themselves.

Limited to only 500 copies and housed in a silver / black digi-sleeve this release by a group who have raised the bar in merging multi-m edia and music demands serious consideration by one and all.


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