CD: Triumvirate [2004]

Essence Of Life
Burning Fields
Elan Vital
Turning Point

All things must eventually come to pass. This is the last recording to be released on the Triumvirate Label and I for one will mourn the labels demise. Started by Mitchell Altum, the man behind Law, I fuckin’ love the music of Law, and Citadel, the label had put out a cornucopia of talent and overwhelming music that has stood the test of time. Looking at my own collection I found that I had 75% of all the Triumvirate releases...and no I didn’t get them all as freebies so fuck you... so Mitchell must having been doing something right. Why its come to this I don’t know but if you’re going to bow out then do so with style and grace and your head held high.

Citadel is a million miles away from Mitchell’s work as Law yet retains in places a certain familiarity and similarity in places to that project. Here the spotlight is more focused on varying thundering rampant beats and swathes of dense blinding electronics mixed with the human voice being spoken, manipulated and distorted. Whereas the music of Law could be a struggle to get through here the music is more toned down, accessible and intimate. Of course "Granite Sky" could never be classed as a totally easy listening experience, and who really wants or needs that, but the strong black ambience thrown out with the added touches of melody is the nearest Mitchell has come to making one. Like all his previous work "Granite Sky" demands the unmitigated attention of the listener to be drawn fully into this world that has been created so that all the naissance’s and resonated sounds can be fully appreciated. "Granite Sky" is the beginning of a new chapter for Mitchell and a fitting epitaph for Triumvirate and as such you owe it to the man himself to make this release the resounding success it fully deserves.

If you have one tiny bone of gratitude left in your body for the music you’ve gained so much joy and elation from then contact Mitchell and try and persuade him to change his mind. You never know. It may just work.



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