CD: Deserted Factory DF029 [2006]

Hand in hand to the end of the world as we know it
Longing for loneliness shall be your only friend in eternity
The(y are there in the) pillows
Fear and longing will be our constant companions
To think you are right will be the first mistake
You are not what you are supposed to be
Beautiful genius
Garden of hemlocks
Flux 1337
Of becoming white
Disintegration of Mithras

Chaos Research is the experimental ambient work of Marko M Hautamäki, who has featured in a diverse array of previous acts such as the gothic band Two Witches and Majesty, a doom metal outfit.

This album is a bizarre amalgamation, a disparate synthesis of pandemonium and subtleties far too numerous to analyze given the filaments that oscillate. Like a piece of crushed origami, one gently unfolds the crumpled paper only to find an image of a mandala within, where spirals of artery become the deities. Dark and fractious, the music while appearing disjointed somehow manages to find cohesion, if only a conjoining of fragmented soundscapes. No true melodies formulate song structure. Percussion perhaps is the only constant to find some stable ground, light electronic beats of ebm stylings, but even then the drums will splinter and divagate. Swells of sound are more like beams of light, holes of dark matter, seams of a universe that cannot be explained.

Deserted Factory have moved into the realm of producing replicated discs and "Revelations" is one of those, featuring full colour glossy four-page booklet with silk-screened colour disc as well. The liner notes are brief - the song titles longer in word count.


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