CD: Hau Ruck! HR!48 [2004]

Orphan in the Storm
Changes (Theme)
What's the Wind If It's Not Free?
Never So True
Sailor's Song
Song of Pan
The Reckoning
The Times They An't a-Changing
Waiting For the Fall
Twilight of the West.

Having appreciated the archival recordings presented on the "Fire of Life" album (dating from the 1970’s), this CD represents the modern incarnation of the group, whereby old tracks were re-recorded in 1995 and finally released in 2004.

Being far more ‘folk’ then the actual neo-folk scene that revived interest in the group, this is quite an anthemic album built primarily on acoustic guitars and vocals. Thus with this limited instrumentation a certain simplicity & style is evoked. Although not modern sounding by current neo-folk standards, on some levels this album is slightly less engaging then I hoped, due to the lyrical focus being quite direct and of an almost of preachy nature. Given I would prefer lyrics accompanying such music to be ambiguous & open to interpretation, certain songs here come across as indignant protest songs (‘Twilight of the West’ is a prime example). However in context this is probably most reflective of when these songs were originally written.

For the albums shortcomings, including some truly poorly recorded tracks, nevertheless the new version of ‘Waiting for the Fall’ manages to capture Changes aura and magic perfectly. Essentially an album for neo-folk connoisseurs.


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