CD: Cementimental [2003]

NES-hop (Feat. DJ Chopstix)
Giant Looming Head Of The Gay Zombie Pirate
My Monkey Gets Me Blues
Sanatorium Go-Kart
Voicechanger Noise
Glorious Ghost Forehead
Circuit-Bent Drum Machine Noise
Shrink Think Wink Stink
Sound Of The Moon Defense
Speak & Noise
Benevolant Vampirism
Pure And Fresh Machine
Kiss Of The Foo-Dog Elbow

The problem with weird / noise CDs is that there is no middle ground. You either love them for trying something different from the norm or else they‚re about as welcome as a paedophile in a nursery full of children.

Cementimental have been ploughing the field of Avant weirdness for a few years and with every release they have managed to at least put a smile on my face. There are times on "Merlin's Transmitting Truck" that the sounds omitted induced a massive migraine of the highest order yet within all the chaos there is a certain charm that shines through. The nearest comparison I can make to let you understand what their music sounds like is that if Merzbow and The Residents had a bastard child it would probably sound like this. Compared to some of their earlier work this is their most accessible recording to date yet at times it demands the patience of a saint to sit through it all in one sitting. Over 14 tracks the humour and childlike quality shines through and - fuck it - I like it and that's all that really matters anyway.

If you're into weird shit or fancy giving it a go for the first time then you couldn't worse than purchase this. As a bonus it's also as 'cheap as chips' as that orange-skinned buffoon off the telly would say. Contact them here and put a smile on your face. You know you want to.



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