CDR: Dead Sea Liner DSL02 [2006]


Lanarkshire. An area in Scotland you know. Been there once. Once was enough. Don't believe the Scottish Tourist Board. The whole of Lanarkshire is a grade 'A' cess pit. Fit for only passing quickly through. Scenery was lovely... if trees and hills give you the horn. There was also a nice chippy I do remember. Lovely black pudding supper. Which was for me the only highlight of that fucking area. Chips and cooked pigs blood / fat covered in batter aside I've found another reason to grab Lanarkshire back to my heaving bosom. Being slightly fat I have what is medically termed 'man tits'... so bosom is an appropriate word in this respect. Cel. A new act to be found on the Dead Sea Liner record label. A label that specialises in quality releases at down to earth prices. They could use that as their marketing slogan. I'll even throw it in as a freebie if they wish to use it. And they say people from Aberdeen are tight as a gnats chuff. How wrong they are.

For the exceedingly reasonable price of £2.00, including postage to you squire, you can regale yourself in 6 tracks and 31+ minutes of dark throbbing ambient drone enriched music with a slight experimental edge shining through. This reviewing lark isn't easy you know. With so many different genres around it‚s becoming more and more harder trying to place certain pieces of music. "Fugitive Angle" could easily be called lo-fi. Or post Industrial. Or whateverthefuckyouwanttocallit. (Note the humour of the reviewer). And they say people from Aberdeen are unfunny cunts. How right they are.

Getting back on track with this release... what the artist has achieved, admirably I hasten to add, is to create rather refreshing soundscapes that are highly entertaining... in a dark closeted sort of way. The music swells and frequently roars through the use of guitar and electronic instrumentation. He might have made it with other means. I only write what I know. Or can guess at. Covers all bases that way. The 6 tracks all flow into each other creating, in effect, one monumental piece that takes the listener out to the further edges of space. Or reality. It's a trip down memory lane. Only the memories are tinged with sadness and regret. It's mechanical. It's organic. It's all of these things put together. Or none at all. "Fugitive Angle" lets you take it wherever you want it to go. The drones are impressive and evocative. The noise aspects that rear up now and then only adding to the depth of the pieces. The focus is on the individuals own interpretation to what he hears. This then is the success that Cel has achieved. The production and clarity of the generated sounds are exquisitely rendered.

Another success from the Dead Sea Liner record label and one that you really shouldn‚t miss out on. Even if this was at the price you would expect to pay for a new release at your local record emporium it would be worth every penny. Trust me when I say it is that good.


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