7": Drone Records DR-63 [2003]
Ltd x 300 Red Transparent Vinyl

Rey Suave Del Mundo
Miz Zapatos Del Brasil
Dj Vicjo (Dj Old)

Un Piano En La Garganta
Naturaleza Dispuesta
Erudito Del Ska

A lovely blood-red 7” vinyl product from Christian Dergarabedian. Side one opens slowly into a wall of quality drone dominated by low and mid-range frequencies using phased dominance for impact. This makes for a very rich deep cavernous sound very reminiscent of Lull (and other Harris products). This is then phased out leaving the listener with defined high-frequency oscillation. This then leads into a more subdued sound-scape with developing mid range drone.

Side two opens where the first side leaves off, some fine drone sound-scapes with smart additions of fade-in frequencies. Various toned oscillations are phased in and out gradually, which is very reminiscent of early Maeror Tri. This leads into the next track, which is substantially more textured than the rest of the record. This introduces a more abrasive feel, which adds good contrast to the rest of the record. This consists of harsh grating noise over a mid-frequency drone sound-scape, the grating finally subsiding to allow the drone to dominate through phased tones.

This is well thought drone of the highest quality.


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