CD: Eibon CAN060 / Aural Music [2005]

The wrong side of things
This world of mine
The possible nowheres
Fragment #1
Senza una risposta
Fragment #2
Fragment #3
In a never fading illusion
Just another noise
Il rimpianto
The unsaid words
Fragment #4
Never again
Nothing left (to share)

The Italian dark rock pageant return from a four year absence since the luxuriating "A Calling To Weakness" to new territory with a tangible shift in direction; without removing the core of what has defined their sound. The once noticeable fealties to dark rock and the similar eeriness of Fields of the Nephilim, "The Nephilm" album while still apparent have evolved into more ambient forestation.

Dark ambient vignettes spot "The Unsaid Words", embryonic slivers of indistinct and shivering winds and drones, decadent memorials where strobe remote exotic instruments and spiritual and tremulous chanting are present nearly every other track, and these are not short diatribes of experimentation either, most reaching lengths of three to four minutes in length. This is not to say there is interrupt to the skeleton of guitar, bass, drums, vocals and synth of Canaan’s earlier work, rather the dark ambient provides cartilage, but the figure is still skinless, raw with sensation and feeling. Languid percussion unseals the fluent mourning march while the guitar ripples over the sheen of strings with their inherent Orientalism, all to fuel the voice of Mauro who effortless weaves melancholy amid melancholy. Song structure differs, with more breathing space, with tracks crashing like rose-tinted crests upon barren shores rather than the endless motion of the ocean’s swells.

"The Unsaid Words" is a gem of an album and if you at all enjoyed "A Calling To Weakness" you will find another to love.


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