CDR: Camisole [2004]

From Beyond Expectations
Nocturnal Evilution
Hell Through Headhole
Lobotomy Room Service
Swarm Of Shadows

"Deceased Humanity Report" is a broken pencil. Pointless. Not the music itself, which has much to recommend it, but this actual release which unfortunately none of you will be able to purchase. The reason being that this limited recording of 20 copies was sent out to selective radio stations…which is why our nubile sex God Jo probably received a copy and why I now have it in my sweaty palms to write up. But this is no use to you because you can’t buy a copy for love nor money. Before you all go off in a huff and click on the little ‘x’ on the right hand corner and depart from this review read on…you will be grateful if you do and you might just learn something from it.

"Deceased Humanity Report" is basically a compilation of music culled from past and forthcoming releases on tape and CDR from the artist R Doktor recording as Camisole. Hailing from Belgium he classifies his music as Morbid Minimal Death Ambient in the vein of the great Megaptera…which is actually spot on. H is releases to date have been: "Modern Times Misanthropy" c60 tape limited to 75 copies, "Sword Handed Sacrifice" c90 tape limited to 75 copies and this release. Forthcoming releases will include: "Infernus" MCDR limited to 50 copies and "Necrospiritual Command" CDR limited to 50 copies. You could be forgiven for thinking I’m a wealth of information music wise but here’s a little secret…promo sheet. Without it I would be stumbling in the dark none the wiser as to who Camisole was or any of his releases. So far so good. History lesson over for today. What the promo sheet can’t fully convey though is the actual music itself.

The good Doktor is a mighty fine talent. Original the music might not be. Then again 99% of all music today isn’t. Within the ambient genres this rings more than true. Borrowing heavily from other sources and regurgitating it out slightly differently is no big deal and the norm. What really matters is that the artist can put his own individual stamp on proceedings and create sounds of the highest standards that will appeal to like minded souls. The tracks on display on "Deceased Humanity Report" show a craftsman totally at ease with his work. They are everything you would expect from this type of music but with an added sheen and gloss. The sounds are suitably dark, scary and miserable with obligatory additional selected samples to beef it all up. What I like about Camisole is that he gives his music time to ingrain itself into the subconscious. Too often I’ve heard pieces in the past that were far too short time wise and over before they could fully register in the mind. Not so here. Apart from a couple of sub 5 minute tracks the music is given the time to evolve, develop and take shape.

He may take inspiration from the mighty Megaptera but his music is justifiably on an equal par with Peter Nystrom’s. On this showing the future work of Camisole will be worth tracking down and investigating. You read it here first.



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