CD: Hau Ruck! SPQR V [2005]
Ltd x 500

Atto Primo
Gente Di Malaffare
Labbra Rosso Sangue
Senza Fare Rumore

Atto Secondo
Nessuna Remissione
Ballerino Di Tango

Empty Track


This first full length release from these Italian maestros on the HauRuck/SPQR label firmly cements their endemic trappings with the plethora of modern influence as an act to watch for in the future and to enjoy liberally with wine in the present.

Calle Della Morte discards rules in their low-ceiling wine house, encouraging invoking bacchanalian rites with dark and bizarre camaraderie and collaboration. They weave an intimate atmosphere dripping Italian flare with their folk rock, that belies complexity at first listen, yet the music is textured and unique. From punk folk anthem brimming with accordion and the clink of wine and customers to the sneering dirge gothic ballad cavorting on the edge of madness there remains a kernel of fascination that with repeated listens breeds favoured familiarity. The listener is not subdued with acoustic strummed guitar and comfortable elegy of quaint yet somber neofolk, rather each track on "Gente di Malaffare" challenges much in the way acts like Der Blutharsch challenge indigenous musical tradition and infuse it with the new dark flavours of today’s society, specifically here Venetian/Italian.

Released as a limited edition of 500 copies, in a tastefully adorned jewel-case replete with hyper-realistic paintings of the old Italian Neopolitan master, Gaspare Traversi, who would parody the pastimes of the noble classes with mordant wit. One can intimate parallel between the painting of Traversi and Calle Della Morte’s music here for they too retain an inimical link with the under-privileged yet do so with masterful artistry.


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